Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't have time to scrapbook.

I have heard this at least a million times!

My answer to that - Everyone has time to scrapbook. I think that some people expect that if they become a scrapbooker, they will need to set aside hours and hours and not have anything else going on.

That is simply not true.  With the diseases I suffer from, I never know when I will have a good day or a bad day.  My hands may not be functioning.  If I have even 30 minutes I can complete a page. Then a page is suddenly a whole book.  It is the memories of our family that I am preserving. It is something I know my family will have forever.

Scrapbooking is not hard, it's telling your story and preserving your family's memories forever.

Many people I know spend alot of time on vacation with family during the year.   They take trips annually.  They have traveled around the world.  They go to family reunions and meet their Great-Great Grandparents and cousins for the first time. Amazing family stories about their family that they never heard before.

  Who will tell those stories forever and forever?  Do pictures that are in boxes?  Does a slide show on a computer?  What about a disc with 200 or more pictures? No words, no emotion, no telling the story that surrounds each picture.  In a few years, let alone in a few generations, most people won't even remember everything that was going on when they see a picture that is pulled out of a box. Who they were with, where they were, or even the dates.

That is why you need to scrapbook.

Still don't think you have the time to scrapbook?

It is only time consuming if you let it be.

Now that our kids are older and moving on with their lives, it makes me realize the importance of what I am creating. 

Years from now, kids and grandkids will begin to make an appearance.  More than ever I know the importance of preserving our memories.  Then, someday when I am gone, they will know what happened in my life because I took the time to scrapbook.

They will bring the memories to life.

If you are ready to get those photos out of boxes and start preserving your family's memories, give me a call and we can make that happen.

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