Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family News

I am finally finishing up my room--what a project!  But it is all worth it.  I love it but at the same time sad because it used to be both of my girls' room over the last 16 years we have lived here.  I love my island so I can stand and work--much better on my joints!
Speaking of--thank you for all of your prayers.  I get my infusions on Friday and am out of commission until about Monday, give or take.  At least this time I didn't lose my hair (so far)!  No change in movement/pain yet but the doctor said give it a few more weeks then go to something stronger if this isn't helping.
Hope all is well!  Jenny and Daniel just put a offer in on their first house!  Close by so my prayers were answered on that one! Jen is still busy at Childrens' Hospital LA in the PICU and loves it!   Daniel's job is not in jeopardy at the bank  praise God!  Jess is freelancing and Jim is plucking away at general ed.
That's it for now!

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