Friday, April 23, 2010

car book

Here is a pic of the cute car book I made for my STSB partner Kim's little guy Joey.

another pic

STSB Round 8

WOW round 8 already!! I have been in this swap for 4 rounds now. It is a really fun swap hosted by my best friend Rhonda on the Cricut MB. Rhonda posts a word or words every few days for a whole 30 days. You have to go out and buy/make this item for your partner. You get to know your partner by chatting on the boards or pm-ing her. It is so much FUN! Here are a couple pics of the box I sent to my partner Kim.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Hey everyone--hope you had a great Monday. For some reason, after last Tuesday's chemo, I have been sooooooo tired!! I need to get some crafting done for some of my swaps too. I really don't like when I get this reaction--it isn't like I need a nap-it is like 4-5 hours of sleep that I need! It's very hard to get anything done like this. I hope tomorrow is not like this. I want to thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for Jess. She is having such a hard time right now after the murder of her friend over this past weekend. She came home from work tonight and cried again and said she is really scared. Scared to walk to her car, scared to go workout, just scared. Knowing this murdering coward is out there is taking its toll on her. We hope and pray that he is caught very soon! Your prayers are so comforting. We have our faith to keep us strong, and more than ever she will need prayer and God's love. She is such a gentle, loving soul and I do not want this horrible tragedy to change that. Only time will heal these wounds. We just need to love her and let her cry on our shoulder. Tomorrow is a new day!