Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Gorgeous Girls

I just had to put this picture of my two girls on here.  I LOVE this picture! They are so gorgeous inside and out.  Love you girls!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Few Cards!

Here are a few cards I made recently - I wish I would remember to take pictures of my cards before I send them!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Surgery - AGAIN?! Well-my darn foot required ANOTHER surgery last weekend!!! My foot started swelling and VERY painful after going to Disneyland over that weekend. I went in to my doctor and he thought I broke it again. So the next day, I went in to my foot surgeon who said no it was not broken, but I had developed cellulitis. So I was put on oral antibiotics. Well, 3 days later the redness has spread to the rest of the foot and starting to go up my calf. So I had to go to the foot doctor the next morning-who had to lance it and then straight to the hospital for IV antibiotics. If that wasn't enough-the next morning he had to open the foot back up and do a antibiotic wash and make sure the staph had not gotten under the hardware. Thankfully we caught this before it got to the bone or my blood. BUT-now it is such a SLOW recovery. The oral antibiotics are chewing my stomach up. We are going back and forth on putting a PIC line in and having IV anitibiotics at home every day. So it is a daily process. Thanks to my lupus and the drugs I am on to treat it-I can no longer fight infections and that is why this whole thing happened. Funny that MAY is Lupus awareness month huh?! All I do is sit on a sofa with my foot up or sleep. I have no energy! So I am hoping the next couple of weeks will bring some good news with this foot!
Lovely pictures huh? First one is right when we noticed something was "up" The second one is after surgery. The third one is my lovely arm because my veins have been destroyed by all these drugs-can't start an IV!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miss you Daddy!

Hello everyone--thank you so much for all your prayers for my dad and our family. It has been a very rough past 5 weeks since we lost my dad. He was just so weak and finally is at peace now. Thank you to everyone who came/flew/drove in to his memorial Sunday dinner! He would have been so happy that we were all together! There is still so much to do in getting my mom settled. All I do is make calls and run paperwork everywhere! I feel as though I haven't even had time to grieve yet. I know time will heal -- but I miss him so much!
THank you again everyone--you have no idea how much your prayers have been fealt!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dad's Coming Home!

Hello my dear friends and family. I want to thank you all for your prayers and support during this hard time. My dad is scheduled to be transported to our home today at 2pm. We have hospice now for end of life care. He has just been through so much and his body is shutting down. He is disoriented - didn't know who I was yesterday but I did get a nod when I told him he was going home. His wish is not to be there at the hospital and since there is no more medically that can be done for him - we want to honor his wishes and just make him as comfortable as possible. Since my parents live in an upstairs apartment - they would not release him to go home there -so we are setting him up in our living room. We just continue to pray for his peace and comfort and for my mom - and all of us really. My sister is arriving here today from WA and my brother will be here so we will be all together.
Again thank you so much for your prayers--they mean so much to all of us! Since my sister and I both have Lupus - I also pray that God will keep us strong through all of this and that we don't flare up too bad.
Love you all!