Friday, February 3, 2012

Dad's Coming Home!

Hello my dear friends and family. I want to thank you all for your prayers and support during this hard time. My dad is scheduled to be transported to our home today at 2pm. We have hospice now for end of life care. He has just been through so much and his body is shutting down. He is disoriented - didn't know who I was yesterday but I did get a nod when I told him he was going home. His wish is not to be there at the hospital and since there is no more medically that can be done for him - we want to honor his wishes and just make him as comfortable as possible. Since my parents live in an upstairs apartment - they would not release him to go home there -so we are setting him up in our living room. We just continue to pray for his peace and comfort and for my mom - and all of us really. My sister is arriving here today from WA and my brother will be here so we will be all together.
Again thank you so much for your prayers--they mean so much to all of us! Since my sister and I both have Lupus - I also pray that God will keep us strong through all of this and that we don't flare up too bad.
Love you all!

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